Your ideal wellness Partner

As a doctor, we are your wellness partner and you do not have to worry about where to take your patients for advanced treatment: This is because we already have partnerships with reputable and established treatment centers and hospitals for all types of treatments.

Strategic partners and networks

Some of the medical fields that we have strong networks in include; orthopedics treatments, hip and knee replacements, gynecological treatments such as In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, gynecological oncology treatments and surgeries, cancer treatment including cancer surgery, chemotherapy for both solid and blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma, kidney transplants, bone marrow transplants, advanced cardiac procedures, and cardiothoracic surgery. Our list also includes advanced neurosurgery, different types of robotic surgeries, bariatric surgery, and much more.

Cosmetic surgery

We also assist patients in need of plastic surgery, which includes procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, facelifts, butt lifts, dental makeovers, breast augmentation including breast reduction or breast enlargement, and hair transplants.

We are global!

Viva Serenity has a global coverage that extends from Africa to Asia, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, the USA, Canada, The Caribbean Islands, South America, Australia to the Pacific region.

How to access us

As your wellness partner, kindly reach out to us if you have a patient who requires advanced medical treatment. We keep expanding our panel of hospitals, consultants, surgeons, experienced physicians, and other medical service providers globally.

We partner with the best doctors and hospitals to offer you a wide range of treatments and professional advice for different medical conditions. We also go the extra mile to negotiate costs on behalf of our clients to get the most affordable cost for excellent world-class treatments. We work to be the best and most trusted medical tourism company: A wellness company that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed patients.