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Value Proposition

Connecting you with the best hospital and doctor

Viva Serenity has over the years invested in time, research and resources to identify the most reputable hospitals, doctors, surgeons, health facilities and centres of excellence globally for different types of medical conditions to guarantee you the highest level of quality and treatment. We have spent years of research to identify the best hospitals and doctors the world over. We connect our clients to these facilities, both locally and internationally depending on the client’s needs.

Our team of medical consultants visit the hospitals and doctors irrespective of their geographical location. For your peace of mind, Viva Serenity ensures that all

the hospitals, surgeons, doctors and other medical specialists that we work with have board accreditation and certification; both locally and internationally. These specialists also ensure that quality is maintained every step of the way and are always in touch with the hospital staff regarding the progress of the patient.

Medical pre-checks before travel

We do not just refer our clients. We believe that the wellness of the client starts as soon as they contact us. We, therefore, prepare clients medically, psychologically and mentally. Our team of consultants look through the client’s previous medical reports, X-rays, scans and laboratory results of clients. We then have detailed consultationswith the clients, which informs the pre-travel medical check-ups that are necessary, including counselling and tests.

Virtual Consultations with Hospital doctors/ surgeons

We arrange for one-on-one consultations with the specialists abroad before the client travels. This makes our clients more relaxed and confident as they are able to e-meet their doctors/ surgeons in advance before travelling. They are also able to ask any questions that they may have and thus allay their fears and anxieties on the treatment options for their medical condition.


Personalised travel with Viva trained staff

For a seamless travel experience, we offer concierge services where our trained staff travel with patients to the centres of excellence, offering them personalised care while in the hospitals abroad. Our doctors and nurses also travel with the patients to ensure the best possible treatment experience.

Travel experience

To enhance our clients’ travel experience, we take up their travel arrangements like flight bookings and hotel reservations for our clients. We liaise with the airline company to take care of the travel needs of the clients while they are onboard the flight and at the airports. This includes arranging for special seating arrangements, assistance with wheel chairs, meet and greet at the airports, VIP airport transfers etc

Travel documentation

We assist with Visas, discuss flight options and arrange for tickets. We also facilitate for  travel vaccinations such as Covid 19 and yellow fever. Covid 19 PCR tests etc are done at the patient’s comfort.

Monitoring the client’s progress

This is done before, during and after the medical treatment/ surgery while at the destination hospital abroad. We communicate with the loved ones back in the patient’s home country on the progress of the patient in a timely manner.

Our contact persons abroad

We have contact persons in the destination countries abroad who receive our patients and ensure they are comfortable and well taken care of during their stay in the country.

Medical tourism

Our team of medical and tourism consultants organise for tours and excursions for our patients so that they enjoy a relaxed experience before and after the medical procedures.

Counselling services

Surgery is a life-changing experience. Travelling from one city to another, or to a different country for medical treatment requires mental preparation. Our counsellors handle each client individually to address all emotional and psychological aspects of the medical or surgical treatment. There is also the anxiety of travelling to a new country or city for the first time. The counselling is done before the travel and after the procedure, upon the patients return to their home country/city. This ensures the patients have  peace of mind every step of the way, during their wellness journey.

Ease of communication between our clients and the hospitals

To ensure that communication is flawless while receiving treatment in a foreign land, our translators facilitate communication between our clients and the hospital staff. We have translators with capacity for the major global languages like; English, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and Russian and also native languages like; Kirundi, Kiswahili, Hindi, Xhosa, Igbo, Ndebele, Shona, and Persian to mention but a few. This way, we ensure that all our esteemed clients are always up to date with their progress even when they do not understand the local dialect.

Clients follow up

The follow-up is done regularly upon return of the patient to their home country/ home city. This is done by our competent professionals who include doctors, surgeons, nutritionists, counsellors etc. We also have trainers and physiotherapists who ensure our clients keep fit and healthy every step of their wellness journey. We also organise for virtual consultations between the patient and the doctors/ surgeons abroad as part of the follow-up of the patients, which ensures for proper follow-up.

Periodically, we organise for the doctors to travel to the patient’s home country where they have physical consultations with the patients as part of the follow-up after the treatment.

Connecting new clients with previous clients

As part of the life-changing experience, we connect potential clients with those who have gone through their wellness journey/ medical treatment with us. This makes the clients feel comfortable and feel part of a wellness community. This is especially important for bariatric and cosmetic surgery clients who need a shoulder to lean on or who may have any questions regarding the procedures.

Connecting them with a social network of other clients who have gone through the procedure makes them comfortable and know that they are not alone. For instance, we have connected our brand ambassadors such as Big Ted, Catherine, Zena, Khadija, Stewart and Faith with those who would like to go through the same life-changing experience, but need personalised support and encouragement from those who have already gone through the procedures.

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