Why Viva Serenity?

  • We, at Viva Serenity, strive in studying and uniquely treat each patient according to his/ her medical needs, expectations, and comfort. We put in all the hard work required to understand your needs and accordingly advise and plan your medical trip. This has earned us the reputation of being a trusted International Medical tourism facilitator.
  • We are known for professional approach and an empathetic attitude towards our patrons, thus ranking among the top medical tourism companies in the region.
  • We carefully value your health. It is our priority and hence we help you by taking care of the medical tourism, wellness, and fitness process while you focus on your health. We put things in order
  • We are able to deal with any case of emergency. If you have any problem that needs to be treated immediately contact us directly and we will be at your disposal.
  • We combine the strengths of both sectors healthcare and tourism having established ourselves as one of the top medical tourism consultants. We have grown to understand the pulse of the industry.
  • We cooperate with physicians who are considered leaders in their specialization and can offer you a multiplicity of treatments and professional advice for a large range of medical problems.
  • For Health Travel everything is prepared down to the last detail. We handle your travel arrangement from flight tickets, book your hotel room and find the most adequate hospital and the doctor to provide you with the best health care. We lead the way.
  • With a network of hospitals, internationally qualified consultants, excellent nursing care, and facilities that measure up to certified standards of quality and best practice, Viva Serenity offers an array of super-specialties
  • We take your inquiry to the best-suited facility, through the diagnostic process, letting you meet or at least speak to the consultants and surgeons to help you make a confident and well-informed decision about your health and wellbeing.
  • We let you have access to all your healthcare records through our secure platform at all times so that you are ‘in the know’ at every stage.
  • We provide a one-window service for all travel, treatment, taking care of you at the destination, and being your advocate through the process.
  • We pride ourselves on ensuring that post-operative care is available in your country of residence before we facilitate your treatment.
  • We are specialists, in the area of medical tourism and provide our guests the most professional service taking care of each detail of their medical journey.
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